Face Dilemma When Liverpool to Champions League Final

Cetak 2 Gol ke Gawang AS Roma, Mohamed Salah Tak Selebrasi

Mohamed Salah became Liverpool’s flagship weapon. Sharpness of Egyptian players is needed the Reds through the game after the game, including the prestigious event, the Champions League.

So far, Liverpool managed to advance to the semifinals. One more step, the Reds into the final round after successfully seize the first leg, Tuesday (04/24/2018) or Wednesday morning pm.

Compete at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool won 5-2. Wrong again so excellent in this duel. The former Chelsea player successfully scored two assists and two goals.

With this result, Jurgen Klopp’s troops only need to avoid a 0-3 defeat when they travel to AS Roma headquarters in the second leg next week.

But as reported by The Sun, Liverpool is now facing a dilemma when it passes to the final in Kiev, Ukraine, 26 May. Because the month of Ramadan which obliges Muslims in the world to fast already lasted 10 days before the top party.

While still strengthening Chelsea, 2014, Salah had time to express the difficulties encountered while undergoing pre-season training in the month of Ramadan arrived.

“Ramadan is a bit difficult for me because we have to undergo two training camps a day, the weather is very hot and I perform in every match,” Salah said.

“I did not drink until 9:30 pm Even though I’m getting used to it, it’s over and I can drink and eat normally now,” Salah said at the time.

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