Jeet New Bangla Movie HD | Jeet, Mim, Priyanka | 2018

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Title : Jeet New Bangla Movie HD | Jeet, Mim, Priyanka | 2018
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Published : 7 Okt 2018
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Movie Name: Sultan The Saviour (Bengali Movie)
Release Date: 15th Jun 2018
Synopsis: By all outward appearances, Raja is a simple everyman who recently moved to Kolkata along with his sister Dish ... more
Certificate: U/A
Language: Bengali
Director: Raja Chanda
Genre: Drama
Cast & Crew: Jeet Madnani, Mim Bidya Sinha Saha, Priyanka Sarkar, ... more
Writer: Sivakumar Jayakumar
Run Time: 2 hrs 16 mins

When Jeet thought of remaking South superstar Ajith’s VEDALAM, the least he could have done was to add a touch of Bengali flavour in SULTAN THE SAVIOUR. But alas what you get is a frame to frame copy of VEDALAM, which is now very popular on television.

Raja, a polite, smiling and harmless Raja comes to Kolkata along with his sister Disha to get the latter admitted to an arts college. He gets himself a job as a taxi driver and all was going well till he falls victim to a trafficking racket. He has a score to settle with the goons led by Sarkar and his brothers.

Jeet as Sultan / Raja gives a better account of himself post his disastrous INSPECTOR NOTTY K. He proves his versatility yet again as a full commercial hero. There are a lot of siti-maar and clap worthy moments. Priyanka Sarkar as Disha looks beautiful and gives a good performance in a non-author backed role. Actually the film belongs to the relationship that she shares with Jeet as brother and sister. Bidya Sinha Mim as Priya plays Jeet’s love interest which takes a backseat though. Yet she looks nice though she has a silly role. Mukul Dev as the main villain Sarkar is hardly there. He comes in the climax to get thrashed by Jeet. Director Raja Chanda makes a full masala film with non stop entertainment. Music is loud and yes! You have your hero Jeet singing Eid Mubarak as a bonus for Jeet fans.

Leave your brains behind and get yourself entertained with SULTAN THE SAVIOUR. At least Jeet has tried hard this time unlike NOTTY K. A word for Jeet though: try doing something more rational and get rid of the South remakes! You are better than that!

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